Once you become a BRWTA member, you can register for our tournaments.  Our Doubles “Fun Tournaments” are held about 9 times a year, always on Mondays and usually on the second Monday of the month (depending on school schedules and holidays).  Singles “Fun Tournaments” are held less often depending on interest and a volunteer to organize it.  “Fun Tournaments” are exactly that “Fun” and is an opportunity of meet women in the local tennis community and enjoy the sport of tennis.  Levels of play may vary but usually include 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and Combo 7.5, also some 55+ divisions.

For Doubles, once a member, find a friend who’s also a member that wants to play with you.  Only one of you needs to register online for you both here at  You’ll receive a confirmation email that your registration was received.  About 3 days before the tournament you will receive an email from BRWTA with your court assignment and Court Captain.  Courts all over Baton Rouge are used for the tournament.  Your Court Captain will have your court numbers, balls and  scoresheets.  Your Court Captain will collect scoresheets after play and answer any questions you may have.

Once you know which courts you’re playing at, plan to be there Monday at 8:45 a.m. and check in with your Court Captain.  Your scoresheet will include your court numbers and your opponents’ names.   The scoresheet will include 4 different opponents with the potential for 4 sets of play.  If all courts under your Court Captain finish their 3rd set before 11:15 a.m. then everyone plays the fourth set.  Usually only 3 sets are played.  After a short warm up play begins.  We use second deuce scoring which means you play out the first deuce but once you go to the second deuce, whomever wins the next point decides the game.  In the format the receiving team can decide who receives that deciding point.  Another change from regular USTA play is that a 7 point tiebreaker is played at 5 all rather than 6 all.  Once you’ve completed the first set, you complete your scoresheet and move to the new court number and opponents listed.  Once all 3 or 4 sets are complete turn in your scoresheet to your Court Captain and head to lunch.

Lunch is held at the beautiful  Bocage Racquet Club.  The Bocage staff  never disappoints BRWTA with their food selection and presentation.  Adult beverages are available for credit card charges.    During lunch, prizes are awarded for 1st Place in each division.    Multiple door prizes are drawn each month.  Join us for fun, food and friendship!