Fun Tournaments

Fun Tournaments are held about once a month, always on Monday mornings and usually, depending on school holidays, are held the second Monday of the month. It is a relaxed yet organized atmosphere that combines socializing with tennis.

Once a member of BRWTA, find another member who wants to play, and one of you can register you online. The cost of a doubles tournament is $45 for the two of you. Levels of play offered are usually 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, Combo 7.5, as well as Senior levels of 3.0 and 3.5 for players over 55 years of age. You must play on your USTA level or above.

Once you’ve registered for the tournament, you will receive an email confirmation. About 3 days before the tournament, you will receive an email with your court assignment and the name of your court captain. Courts all over Baton Rouge are used for the tournament. Your Court Captain will provide your score sheet, balls, court numbers, will collect the score sheets when you’re done playing and will answer any questions you have while at the courts.

Arrive at your assigned court by 8:45 am on Monday morning and check in with your Court Captain. Your score sheet will have your court numbers, and 4 different opponents. If all of the courts for your Court Captain have completed all three of their sets by 11:15 am, all will play the 4th set. Otherwise, only 3 sets are played.

Find your first opponents and first court number, introduce yourselves, and have a short warm up. Scoring and rules are the same as USTA with two exceptions:

Second Deuce-the first deuce is played as usual; however, if you go to deuce a second time, the receivers can decide which player wants to receive serve and the winner of that point decides the game.

Tie at 5 All-if the score reaches 5 all, a 7 point tie breaker should be played at this point.

The most important thing is “this is a Fun Tournament”… HAVE FUN!!!

Once your first set is done, fill out your score sheet and move to the next court and new opponents. Doing this until time runs out or you have played all 3-4 sets.

Return your completed score sheet to your Court Captain whether you plan to attend lunch or not.

Lunch is immediately following play at Bocage Racquet Club, 7600 Jefferson Hwy.  Lunch is a salad bar, high quality hot entrée with sides, dessert, tea, coffee and limited table service.

During lunch, prizes are given for first place in each division. Also about 10 door prizes are given, you must be present to win. You must be a member to register for a tournament unless that month is a member-guest tournament.  At that time at least one person on the team must be a member.

Tournament registration links are to the right of this page.  However, tournament registration links will not show unless you’ve set up a Log In and Password and your membership is up to date.

See Doubles Fun Tournament dates here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at