February 2018 WINNERS!

Thanks everyone for playing in the February fun tournament.  The weather was chilly but I think everyone enjoyed the day!  As always, we’d like to say thanks to our court captains!  We appreciate you each and every month.  Also, a BIG THANK YOU to those of you whose partners had to cancel and you found a sub!   A lot of work goes into coordinating courts and brackets, reserving courts, etc.  One team dropping after the brackets are done, throws all registered teams in that bracket off, so if you have to cancel, we’d love for you to find a sub and let us know.  Please remember, if you and your same partner win a bracket twice, you are required to play up the next tournament.  If you win three times without the same partner, you are required to play up next tournament.  This is only in effect for the current tournament year.  Our system cannot monitor that, so we rely on all of you to keep it in mind when registering.  

Here are our February winners:

3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain – Carole Wilkins

1st place – Debbie Schott and Crystal Welch

2nd place – Alison Williams and Alysia Graves

3.0 Highland – Court Captain – Carol Moore

1st place – Carol Moore and Trish dAquin

2nd place – Darla Kling and Donna Barbier

3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Sandra Rubenstein

1st place – Ingrid Osuna and Patti Nelson

2nd place – Audrey Braud and Terri Bond

3.5 Highland – Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st place – Lissa Gaffney and Roz Landes

2nd place – Gerry Mackay and Lesley Halphen

4.0 Highland – Court Captain – Julie Waguespack

1st place – Betsy Bernhard and Amber Owens

2nd place – Jackie Westerfield and Heidi Morton

50s 3.0 Highland – Court Captain – Diane McGowan

1st place – Diane McGowan and Susan Barry

2nd place – Sybil Rhodes and Rhonda Searcy

Our next tournament is scheduled for March 12th!!  League coordinators have ok’d Senior captains to reschedule courts for players wanting to play BRWTA.

See you next month,

Julie Waguespack, BRWTA President 2016-2018