Thanks to all of you who came out and played in the April Fun Tournament.  The weather was a little different than expected, but it turned out to be a cool and enjoyable day!  Next month will be our last tournament for the 2017-2018 BRWTA Season.  The May tournament will be held on May 14th and will be a MEMBER/GUEST tournament, so please get some of your tennis friends and teammates introduced to our organization and signed up to play!  Our membership has really been down since the flood and we are looking for ideas and new ways to increase membership.  We will have comment cards at next month’s luncheon so that our members can give any feedback on how we can improve and grow!

Just a reminder that due to tax law changes and new requirements, BRWTA incurred expenses hiring a tax attorney and CPA to file for non-profit status on our behalf with the Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service.  These expenses as well as computer updates/expenses has depleted our small savings forcing us to increase our annual membership dues for next season.  Currently, annual membership is $21 and will remain at that rate for the end of this tournament season which ends in May.   Annual dues will increase on June 1, 2018 to $25.

You won’t want to miss the May tournament luncheon, as we will be honoring annual selected service award winner and introducing new board members for the 2018-2019 season.  We will also be giving a special “thank you” gift to all of you who were court captains during the 2017-2018 season.  We appreciate all of our court captains!!!

Here are our April winners:

3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain – Carol Moore

1st place – Carol Moore and Trish d’Aquin

2nd place – Damona Guillera and Gloria Murphy

3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain – Terre Powers

1st place – Elizabeth Delaney and Rhonda Searcy

2nd place – Lisa Thomas and Vicki Proffitt

3.5 Highland – Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st place – Julie Waguespack and Julie Purdy

2nd place – Ingrid Osuna and Patti Nelson

4.0 Highland – Court Captain – Jackie Westerfield

1st place – Mindy Lovell and Jackie Westerfield

2nd place – Amber Owens and Betsy Bernhard

50s/3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain – Terri Ducote

1st place – Rhonda Rayborn and Terri Ducote

2nd place – Susan Lafever and Wendy Elliott

50s/3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Nancy May

1st place – Nancy Kora and Diane Pirello

2nd place – Faye Aydell and Janice Casaday


See you next month,

Julie Waguespack, BRWTA President 2016-2018