Player Instructions

Start Time and Defaults

    1. Warm-up begins at 8:45 A.M.  Play begins at 9:00 A.M.  Any match that is not in progress at 9:10 constitutes a default for the late arriving team.  The team scheduled to play the late team wins that set by a score of 6-0.  Players arriving late are not entitled to a warm-up as it will delay all other teams playing at that site.
  1. If you are not available to play due to an emergency or other late-breaking situation on the morning of the Fun Tournament:
      1. Please make every effort to find an appropriate substitute on your own and notify your court captain.
    1. If you cannot find a substitute, please notify your court captain and the Fun Tournament Director ASAP.


    1. Scores will be kept using the traditional method (15-Love, 30 All, 30-40) until a score of Deuce is reached twice in a single game.
    1. If  Deuce is reached twice, then “Second Deuce” scoring will come into play as follows:
              1. The server will ask the receiving team which player will receive the serve.
              1. The server will then serve into the court that the selected receiver is playing.
            1. This will be game point.  Whichever team wins the point wins that game.
    1. The winner of each set is the first team to win six games, winning by two games.
  1.  If the game count is 5-all, then a Coman tiebreakeris played to determine the winner.   In the Coman tiebreak procedure, teams switch sides after the first point of the tiebreak and every four points thereafter (5 total points, 9 total points, etc.).  The winner of the tiebreak is the first team to reach 7 points, winning by at least 2 points.  At the conclusion of the tiebreak, the score is recorded as 6 games (team winning the tiebreak) to 5 games (team losing the tiebreak).

In Case of Rain

    1. If play is interrupted by rain and two sets have been completed at the site, add the scores at that point in time to determine a winner.
            1. If there is a tie between two teams and the teams played each other head-to-head during the tournament, then the winner of that head-to-head set prevails.
          1. If there is a tie between two teams and the teams did not play each other head-to-head during the tournament, then a spin of racquet, flip of coin, etc. determines the winner.
    1. If play is interrupted by rain and less than two sets have been played and there is no chance that the rain will stop or the courts will be playable in a reasonable period of time, then play will resume where it stopped on the following Monday.  If any other sites finish play, then those prizes will be awarded at the luncheon.
    1. If play is again rained out on the following Monday, a second rain-out will NOT be scheduled or played.  The winners will be determined based on the last completed round of play.  A 6-0 default counts as a round played.
  1. There will be no refunds issued in the case of double rainouts.  This is a rare occurrence.

Determination of Winners

    1. Winners are decided at each site in the following descending order:
            1. Number of sets won.
            1. Most games won.
            1. Least games lost.
          1. If teams are tied at this point and played each other head-to-head during the tournament, then the winner of that head-to-head set prevails.  If the tied teams did not compete head-to-head against each other, then a spin of racquet, flip of coin, etc. determines the winner.  Extra awards will not generally be given to satisfy ties; however, ties will be acknowledged and listed in the newsletter.
    1. If there is “no show” forfeit, then the teams playing 3 sets score all sets.  At the completion of all scheduled sets, the numbers 1 – 4 are put into a ball can and one number drawn out.  All teams playing four sets then throw out the score of the set number that was drawn.  Winners are determined on the basis of the remaining three sets.
    1. If a team suffers an injury during the tournament, then the number of games won and lost at the time of the retirement stands.  The uninjured team will be credited with winning that set.  Any teams subsequently scheduled to play the injured team will receive a 6-0 winning score.
    1. If a fourth set has not begun by 11:15 A.M, then the winner at that site will be determined based on three sets.  Any fourth sets started will not count unless all teams have started a fourth set by 11:15 A.M.  If any team does not begin its fourth set before 11:15 A.M., the entire site will only use scores from the first three sets.
    1. Please give your score sheet and balls to your court captain before leaving the site.  The team winning the last set is responsible for returning the balls over to the court captain who then returns them to the Fun Tournament Director.
  1. Please be a good sport and practice good tennis etiquette.  It is important to have good competition to maintain the integrity of play, but remember that this is a fun tournament, not the Wimbledon Final.  The objective is to have competitive play, meet new people, get some exercise, and HAVE FUN !!

Lunch Policy

  1. Lunch is held at the Bocage Racquet Club after play is completed.  Awards and any club business also are addressed during the luncheon.    The address is 7600 Jefferson Highway.  The ungated entrance is off of Corporate Blvd by Lee Michaels Jeweler.


    1. Prizes will be awarded for 1st place in each division of play.  If you win a prize for 1st place, you are not eligible to receive a door prize.
    1. In the case of a tie and the lack of head-to-head competition between the two affected teams, the winner will be determined by a flip of a coin, racquet spin, etc.  If there are extra prizes available that day, then both tied teams may be awarded prizes at the discretion of the Fun Tournament Director.  If not, only the team winning the head-to-head competition or the coin flip will be awarded the prize.  However, the names of both tied teams will be noted in the newsletter.
  1. Door prizes will be awarded at each luncheon.  You must be present to win a door prize.