Court Captain Duties

The Tournament Director will contact each court captain, usually via email, with her group’s court assignment and the names of the players in her round robin group.

The court captain’s responsibilities are:Court assignment, i.e., site at which they will be playing.

    • Time: Warm-up at 8:45 and play begins at 9:00 sharp.
    • Ask player to inform her doubles partner
      Pick up balls, score sheets, and player instructions from a designated location . ORContact one member of each doubles team in the round robin group to inform them of the following:
    • Purchase balls for your round robin group yourself and then get reimbursed by BRWTA at the fixed price of $2.50/can which should be sufficient to cover costs and associated tax at most local retail outlets.
      • The Tournament Director will email you all score sheets and player instructions electronically which you can then print at your convenience prior to the tournament.
      • A check to reimburse you for the cost of tennis balls can be picked up from the Fun Tournament Director at the luncheon or mailed to your home, whichever you prefer. Alternate method:

        The court captain should obtain materials for her group from the Tournament Director either one of two ways:

  • Be at your site by 8:30 A.M. on the morning of the Fun Tournament to distribute the balls and score sheets.
  • Remind everyone of Second Deuce scoring method and initiation of fourth set by 11:15 AM for all teams at your site (for 4th set scores to count).
  • Keep play continuous at your site to the greatest degree possible to ensure that your group arrives on time for the luncheon.
  • Once play is finished at your site, collect the completed score sheets and used balls from each doubles team and give them to the Tournament Director at the luncheon.

Please do not bill BRWTA for long distance calls. If a player lives out of town and does not provide a local number, please try to communicate with her by email.

Thanks for being a Court Captain!