November 2016 Winners!

What a great day we had today for our Fun Tournament & Bazaar! Thank you for your donations to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank!! The weather was perfect, shopping great and food was delicious! Next month’s fun tournament will be on December 12th with a Christmas dress theme and also a Marine representing TOYS FOR TOTS for your donations!

Here is a recap of our November winners:

3.0 Highland – Court Captain Debbie Schott
1st place: Debbie Schott & Crystal Welch
2nd place: Debbie Hymel & DeeDee Bahlinger

3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain Alysia Graves
1st place: Darla Kling & Donna Barbier
2nd place: Lisa Raiford & Mindy Green

3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain Julie Purdy
1st place: Julie Waguespack & Leslie Culotta
2nd place: Julie Purdy & Keri Gauldin

3.5 Highland – Court Captain Joycelyn LeBlanc
1st place: Nancy Garland & Renee Simoneaux
2nd place: Kethleen Liebert & Carol Naquin

4.0 Forest Park – Court Captain Jackie Westerfield
1st place: Jackie Westerfield & Debbie Gilbert
2nd place: Esther Davis & Dee LaBauve

50s 3.0 – Court Captain Terri DuCote
1st place: Diane McGowan & Debra Sledge
2nd place: Terri DuCote & Susan Barry

50s 3.5 – Court Captain Nancy May
1st place: Faye Aydell & Janice Casaday
2nd place: Arlene Brignac & Mary Hanson