November 2017 Winners!

Thanks so much to all of our vendors who made the Shopping Bazaar so much fun and such a success!  The tournament turnout was great this month and we loved having some new members & some former members join us this month, and hope that we continue to grow our membership!  We appreciate all donations made to the Baton Rouge Food Bank today, we are all so very blessed!!  Thanks to our court captains each month who keep us organized during tournament play!  We do apologize for a few mix-ups in announcing winners today, several courts came down to number of games and even a tie that required a coin toss!

Here are the November winners:

3.0 Highland – Court Captain:  Damona Guillera

1st Place – Damona Guillera & Lisa Raiford

2nd Place – Deedee Bahlinger & Debbie Hymel

3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain:  Carol Moore

1st Place – Marsha Jabour & Kay Lambert

2nd Place – Carol Moore & Tricia DAquin

3.5 Highland – Court Captain:  Shannon LeDoux

1st Place – Kim Elston & Jean Gremillion

2nd Place – Mikki Robert & Cindy Keith

50s/3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain:  Diane McGowan

1st Place – Debbie Schott & Lisa Sanner

2nd Place – Diane McGowan & Vicki Proffitt

50s/3.5 Highland – Court Captain:  Sandra Rubenstein

1st Place – Roz Landes & Paula Broussard

2nd Place – Patti Nelson & Ingrid Osuna

7.5 – Forest Park – Court Captain:  Julie Purdy

1st Place – Shawna Gardiner & Keri Gauldin

2nd Place – Jackie Westerfield & Julie Purdy (tie/coin toss)


Next month’s tournament date is December 11, 2017, Christmas theme & is our Toys for Toys Drive!  

My last thank-you goes to our BRWTA Board members who do so much behind the scenes to organize these tournaments! 

Thanks for a great month!  Julie Waguespack, BRWTA President 2016-2018