September 2016 Winners

We were happy to welcome BRWTA members back for the 2016-2017 season. Weather & lunch were good and the tennis was fun as well!

Here are the September winners:

2.5 Forest Park (court captain Terre Powers)
1st Carly Whatley & Christine Links
2nd Marla Toups & Patti French

3.0 Independence (court captain Terri Ducote)
1st Diane McGowan & Melanie Acosta
2nd Carole Wilkins & Gerry Mackay

3.0 Highland (court captain Shannon LeDoux)
1st Alison Williams & Leslie Culotta
2nd Shannon LeDoux & Kim Jones

3.5 Forest Park (court captain Julie Purdy)
1st Shawna Gardiner & Julie Waguespack
2nd Brenda Felps & Mary Hanson

3.5 Highland (court captain Keri Gauldin)
1st Rosalynn Landes & Cindy Keith
2nd Renee Simoneaux & Terri Bond

50s 3.0 Forest Park (court captain Julie Purdy)
1st Wendy Elliott & Judi Allen
2nd Carol Smith & Barbara Chalmers

Next tournament OCTOBER 17th, Halloween Theme, member only!
Thanks for the all of your donations to the “Give a Racquet, Take a Racquet Tennis Gear Roundup”!

August Tournament Entries Donated

Just wanted to send an update to BRWTA members letting you know that we have donated our August 2016 entry fees to The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and also to the Louisiana Division of The Salvation Army!  We appreciate Oak Lodge working with us and not requiring us to purchase our required minimum 75 lunches for the canceled August tournament.  This allowed us instead to donate to these charities.

Registration is open for the September 12th Fun Tournament!  This will be a member/guest tournament.  Registration will close September 6th.

BRWTA is also participating in the “Give a Racquet, Take a Racquet Tennis Gear Roundup” and will have donation boxes at the September 12th luncheon for new or “gently used” tennis apparel, shoes, racquets, bags, etc.  BREC Tennis Centers at Highland Park, City Park, Independence and Forest Park will also have donation boxes available for your items during City Championship matches on Wednesday, September 7th, 14th, and 21st.

These items collected will be available at The Legacy, 1655 Sherwood Forest Boulevard, Baton Rouge, from 9am until noon on Saturday, September 17th and 24th.  Members of our community who have suffered a loss during the August flood are invited to take and use donated items.


Welcome back to BRWTA Tennis!

Welcome back tennis ladies!  We hope you have had a fabulous summer and are gearing up for Fall tennis!  Our first tournament will be Monday, August 15, 2016!  Our tournament coordinator will be emailing you soon to let you know that registration for August is open.  Many of you will have to renew your membership with BRWTA before registering, but the database will let you know whether or not your membership has expired.  Renewal is an easy process, but if you have any issues, please let us know so that we can assist you.

The cost of our doubles fun tournaments have increased in price for this 2016-2017 tournament year.  BRWTA was able to have tournament prices remain unchanged for the past several years, but with court fees increasing and our contract with Oak Lodge having a small price increase, we had to increase the doubles team fee from $43 to $45.  Paypal fees are already included in that price.

Our August tournament will be a member/guest tournament, so please invite any ladies that have not been able to play and join BRWTA in the past!  We look forward to welcoming new members each and every year.   Members will now be able to access the member list online.  This should help everyone to find a partner if they need to.  It also allows us all to make sure that our personal information is up-to-date.  New USTA level ratings will be out at the end of the year so if anyone’s level changes, they should update their BRWTA account with the new rating.

Our 2016-2017 scheduled tournament dates have been published on this website.  Registration for tournaments usually opens a month prior to the tournament date and closes a few days before.  Our 2016-2017 board members are working towards a year of fun & fellowship.  We hope to see you at the August tournament!!!

Julie Waguespack, BRWTA President

2016-2017 BRWTA Board Members:

Julie Waguespack, President

Mindy Lovell, Vice President

Terri Ducote, Treasurer

Diane McGowan, Secretary

Jackie Westerfield, Membership

Julie Purdy, Tournament Coordinator

Rhonda Rayborn, Prize Coordinator

Susan Barry, Publicity

Debbie Schott, Past President

2016-2017 Fun Tournament Dates

2016-2017 Fun Tournament Dates:

August 15, 2016                Member/Guest

September 12, 2016         Member only

October 17, 2016              Member only            Halloween Theme

November 14, 2016         Member only           Christmas Bazaar & Food Bank Collection

December 12, 2016         Member only           Christmas Theme & Toys For Tots Collection

No January Tournament

February 13, 2017          Member only           Valentines Theme

March 13, 2017              Member only

April 10, 2017                Member only

May 8, 2017                   Member/Guest       Service Award

May 2016 Tournament Winners



2.5 Independence – Court Captain – Terre Powers

1st        Donna Morris and Rain Adams

2nd        Ami LeBas and Danielle Mensman


3.0 Independence – Court Captain – Carole Wilkins

1st        Debbie Schott and Vickie Proffitt

2nd        Carole Wilkins and Paula Sanchez


3.0 Highland – Court Captain – Shannon LeDoux

1st        Eugenia Kozan and Michelle Kozan

2nd        Shannon LeDoux and Kim Jones


3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st        Brenda Felps and Cindy Keith

2nd        Janet Babin and Kellye Moody


3.5 Highland– Court Captain – Mary Kay Devillier

1st        Mary Kay Devillier and Mindy Lovell

2nd        Kerri Howard and Amy Sylvester


4.0 Highland – Court Captain – Jackie Westerfield

1st        Dee LaBauve and Jackie Westerfield

2nd        Jeannette Braud and Kim Elston


50’s 3.0 Independence – Court Captain – Barbara Chalmers

1st        Lynda Paul Hammons and Kay Wells

2nd        Carol Smith and Myrna Bouchereau


50’s 3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st        Marilyn Seibert and Judy McReynolds

2nd        Janice Williams and Mary Lynn Segalla


Congratulations to all of our winners!  Next tournament will be in August, enjoy your summer!


April 2016 Tournament Winners




2.5 Independence – Court Captain – Lydia Mangelli

1st        Ami LeBas and Danielle Mensman

2nd        Jessica McVea and Andree Pennington


3.0 City Park – Court Captain – Carol Wilkins

1st        Susan Barry and Rhonda Rayburn

2nd        Jane LaCour and Diane McGowan


3.0 YMCA – Court Captain – Julie Zartman

1st        Kay Lambert and Mim Miglicco

2nd        Julie Zartman and Tiffany Mannino


3.5 City Park – Court Captain – Brenda Felps

1st        Brenda Felps and Mary Hanson

2nd        Patti Nelson and Ingrid Osuna


3.5 YMCA– Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st        Damona Guillera and Kyle Barker

2nd        Sheila Gordon and Julie Purdy


4.0 University Club – Court Captain – Missy Ryan

1st        Dee LaBauve and Jackie Westerfield

2nd        Ester Davis and Debbie Gilbert


50’s 3.0 Independence – Court Captain – Debbie Schott

1st        Debbie Schott and Vicki Proffitt

2nd        Wendy Elliot and Judi Allen


50’s 3.5 Independence – Court Captain – Nancy May

1st        Renee Simoneaux and Joycelyn LeBlanc

2nd        Cindy Keith and Arlene Brignac




Congratulations to all of our winners.