We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.   Don’t know about you but I am looking forward to better weather and some fun tennis!

It is hard to believe that our season is already half over.  There will be no January tournament, next tournament will be February 11th!  Thanks so much for the TOYS 4 TOTS donations!  We are very proud to partner with them every year and help make Christmas a little happier for those families needing help!

We also appreciate feedback from our members and would love to know how our members are enjoying this year.  We are always open to any and all comments, suggestions, etc.     Keep those ideas coming, we are listening and love hearing from you.

As a reminder, USTA ratings came out in December.   Please make sure you play the appropriate level of your rating for 2019.

Sorry for the delay but wanted to give a shout out to the winners of the December Tournament:

3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain:  Carol Moore

1st Place – Kimberly Jones & Lauren Babb

2nd Place – Susan Barry & Cathy Cavanaugh

3.5 Legacy – Court Captain:  Julie Waguespack

1st Place – Jennifer Beck & Sandra Rubenstein

2nd Place – Julie Purdy & Amber Owens

55s/3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain:  Diane McGowan

1st Place – Judi Allen & Barbara Bahlinger

2nd Place – Elizabeth Delaney & Phyllis Pedersen

55s/3.5 Highland – Court Captain:  Terri Ducote

1st Place – Nancy Garland & Susan Lefever

2nd Place – Terri Ducote & Patty Newton

4.0/7.5 – Highland – Court Captain:  Keri Gauldin

1st Place – Keri Gauldin & Renee Simoneaux

2nd Place – Alena Prejean & Dee LaBauve

See you on the courts!!    Mindy Lovell, BRWTA President 2018-2020



October 2018 Winners

Thanks to all of you who were able to come out and play in our October tournament!  We appreciate all of you who dressed in costume and Halloween spirit!  It’s so much fun to be able to come together as a tennis community and enjoy an awesome lunch, wonderful prizes and just have a great time with each other.   We appreciate Family Road donating a pumpkin for a door prize. We also want to thank those of you who were able to donate to their worthy cause.  

Next month’s tournament date is November 12th.  This is our MEMBER/GUEST tournament so please invite someone who isn’t a part of the BRWTA and ask them to play with you.   Jackie Harvey and myself will have a table set up where your guest can sign up and become members!!  We will also have our annual Christmas/Holiday Bazaar next month.   We are showcasing our fellow tennis ladies who own a business or have a creative talent.     If you’d like to have a booth at the Bazaar, please contact Rhonda Searcy at dblfault2@aol.com .  She will be happy to give you the deets and set you up!  It’s the perfect time to buy Christmas gifts, so be sure to bring your wallets!   

We will also have Food Bank Barrels set up for canned goods collections or for monetary donations. 

There is a lot happening next month and we are excited to bring all of this to you.  

Here are the October winners:

2.5 Legacy – Court Captain: Keri Gauldin

1st Place – Jamie Ourso & Jackie Blount
2nd Place – Kara Vidrine & Jessica Cuba

3.0 Forest Park   – Court Captain: Terri Ducote

1st Place – Carole Wilkins & Susan Lefever
2nd Place – Debbie Hymel & Paily Lightsey

3.0 Highland Center – Court Captain: Leslie Fernandez

1st Place – Phyllis Pedersen & Elizabeth Delaney
2nd Place – Alison Williams & Alysia Graves

3.5 Legacy – Court Captain: Julie Waguespack

1st Place – Brenda Felps & Angela Angelloz
2nd Place – Katherine Wilkinson & Sandra Rubenstein

3.5 Highland Center – Court Captain: Suzanne Wortmann

1st Place – Lisa Raiford & Gloria Murphy
2nd Place – Gerry Mackay & Claire Vecchio

55’s/3.0 – Forest Park – Court Captain: Carol Moore

1st Place – Rhonda Searcy & Rhonda Rayborn
2nd Place – Elena Rome & Deborah Murray

55’s/3.5 – Forest Park – Court Captain: Missy Ryan

1st Place – Mary Kay Devillier & Mikki Robert
2nd Place – Audrey Braud & Arlene Brignac

7.5 Highland Center – Court Captain: Jackie Harvey

1st Place – Jackie Harvey & Amber Owens
2nd Place – Renee Simoneaux & Alena Prejean

**Best Costume “hands down” went to:   “Dirty Martinis” – Jena Kozar & Renee Lefeaux**

Thanks for a great month!  I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization of ladies. 

See you next month!

Mindy Lovell
BRWTA President 2018-19



September 2018 Winners!

What a great time had by all this month!!!  Thanks to all of you who were able to come out and play this month!

The theme for October will be Halloween.  A prize will be given for the best team (Dynamic Duo) costume. 

Here are your September Winners:

2.5 Forest Park – Court Captain: Julie Waguespack

1st Place – Tanya Berthelot & Julie Watson

2nd Place – Jackie Blount & Jamie Ourso

3.0 Highland – Court Captain: Carole Wilkins

1st Place – Joanne Harvey & Carole Wilkins

2nd Place – Rhonda Rayborn & Rhonda Searcy

3.0  Highland – Court Captain: Lisa Raiford

1st Place – Gloria Murphy & Lisa Raiford

2nd Place – Karen Giordano & Kim Jones

3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain: Julie Purdy

1st Place – Brenda Felps & Cindy Keith

2nd Place – Julie Purdy & Julie Waguespack

55’s 3.0 Highland – Court Captain: Debbie Schott

1st Place – Terri Ducote & Missy Ryan

2nd Place – Melanie Acosta & Judi Allen

55’s 3.5 Legacy – Court Captain: Arlene Brignac

1st Place – Janice Casaday & Bonnie Russ

2nd Place – Audrey Braud & Mary Miller

7.5’s Legacy – Court Captain: Keri Gauldin

1st Place – Shannon LeDoux & Amber Owens

2nd Place – Jeanette Braud & Kim Elston


Our next tournament/luncheon date is October 15, 2018! 

See you on the courts…. 


August 2018 Winners

Thanks to all of you who were able to come out, beat the heat and play this month!  August is usually our lowest month for participation.  We are looking forward to seeing more members in September.   

Here are the August Winners:

3.0 Legacy – Court Captain: Lisa Thomas

1st Place – Leslie Fernandez & Lisa Thomas

2nd Place – Rhonda Rayborn & Rhonda Searcy

3.5A  Forest Park – Court Captain: Nancy Garland

1st Place – Kimberly Jones & Lisa Raiford

2nd Place – Gerry Mackay & Claire Vecchio

3.5B Forest Park – Court Captain: Joycelyn LeBlanc

1st Place – Audrey Braud & Mikki Robert

2nd Place – Mary Kay Devillier & Joycelyn LeBlanc

55’s 3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain: Diane McGowan

1st Place – Wendy Elliot & Sheryl Palmisano

2nd Place – Terri Ducote & Diane McGowan

7.5 Forest Park – Court Captain: Julie Waguespack

1st Place – Shawna Gardiner & Julie Waguespack

2nd Place – Amber Owens & Renee Simoneaux


Our next tournament/luncheon date is September 10, 2018! 

Theme will be “Favorite Sports Team”

See you on the courts…. 









August 13, 2018

September 10, 2018 – Favorite Sports Team Theme

October 15, 2018 – Halloween Theme

November 12, 2018 –  Bazaar

December 10, 2018 – Christmas Theme


February 11, 2019 – Mardi Gras Theme

March 11, 2019

April 8, 2019 

May 13, 2019 (Member/Guest)


Welcome Back to the BRWTA 2018-2019 Season!

Welcome back to a new season of Baton Rouge Women’s Tennis Association of LA, LLC!  Our first fun tournament will be Monday, August 13th, and will be a Member Only tournament.  Tournament registration for August is now open.   Many of you may need to renew your membership in order to register.  Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call on any of the Board Members for help!

We are very excited about our 2018-2019 season for several reasons.   First, we have new members who have joined the Board and we are looking forward to working together to make the BRWTA the best it can be for YOU, our tennis ladies.

Secondly, we are changing venues for our monthly luncheons.  We are excited to partner with The Legacy at Bon Esperance.   This will allow us the flexibility to implement fresh and fun ideas at our luncheons.   The Legacy will also be providing five additional courts for our tournament play.

Lastly, we are now utilizing social media by posting updates, pictures and announcements on Facebook.  If you are a Facebook user, be sure to join our page entitled BRWTA.   Of course, we will continue to post on our website as well.

I look forward to being your President and if you ever have any ideas, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Our tournament schedule for the 2018-2019 season is listed below, so mark your calendars and we will see you on the courts!

Mindy Lovell 


August 13, 2018

September 10, 2018 – Favorite Sports Team Theme

October 15, 2018 – Halloween Theme

November 12, 2018 –  Bazaar

December 10, 2018 – Christmas Theme


February 11, 2019 – Mardi Gras Theme

March 11, 2019

April 8, 2019 

May 13, 2019 (Member/Guest)




WOW!  Attendance this month was the greatest in my four years as a board member!!!  Thanks so much for all of you who played and to all of you who invited a guest to experience BRWTA!  Weather was great, very warm, but beautiful day!  This is our last tournament of the 2017-2018 Tournament season and my last month as BRWTA President.  It has been a privilege to serve on this board for the past four years, two as Vice President and two as President!  Our board members have made my job very easy and I appreciate everyone who volunteers to serve and grown our tennis around the Baton Rouge area!  We appreciate all of our court captains and hope they enjoyed their t-shirts as a token of our appreciation.  Just a reminder that our Annual dues will increase on June 1, 2018 to $25.

Here are the MAY winners:

3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain – Julie Waguespack

1st place – Alison Williams and Julie Zartman

2nd place – Susan Lefever and Wendy Elliott

3.0 Independence – Court Captain – Leslie Fernandez

1st place – Sybil Rhodes and Jennifer Oliver

2nd place – Teri Meliet and Kaci Massett

3.5 Highland – Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st place – Cathy Bass and Suzanne Wortmann

2nd place – Julie Waguespack and Alena Prejean

3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Lisa Raiford

1st place – Kim Elston and Jeannette Braud

2nd place – Brenda and Cindy Keith

50s 3.0 Independence – Court Captain – Debbie Schott

1st place – Rhonda Rayborn and Clynda Vowart

2nd place – Judi Allen and Barbara Bahlinger

50s/3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Nancy Garland

1st place – Elizabeth Delaney and Connie Atkinson

2nd place – Janice Casaday and Faye Aydell

7.5 City Park – Court Captain – Mindy Lovell

1st place – Mindy Lovell and Kelly O’Brien

2nd place – Renee Simoneaux and Shawna Gardiner

Have a safe summer and we will see you in August!

Julie Waguespack, BRWTA President 2016-2018

Mindy Lovell, BRWTA President 2018-2020

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Office Name Email Cell Phone
President Mindy Lovell mailto:netninja66@gmail.com 225-324-1579
Vice –President Rhonda Searcy dblfault2@aol.com 225-939-0416
Secretary Lisa Thomas BRLisaT@yahoo.com 225-978-5936
Treasurer Terri DuCote terriducote@cox.net 225-772-6790
Historian/Publicity Susan Barry stephenbarry@cox.net 225-953-0037
Membership Jackie Westerfield jwesterfield3@cox.net 225-505-8367
Awards/Prizes Rhonda Rayborn rhondarayborn@cableone.net 601-757-7388
Tournament Director Julie Purdy purdyfamilyemail@gmail.com 225-405-6636
 Publicity Asst. Lisa Marie Raiford scottrayslove@gmail.com  225-955-0019
Past President Julienne Waguespack juwag@etigers.net 225-278-1311



Thanks to all of you who came out and played in the April Fun Tournament.  The weather was a little different than expected, but it turned out to be a cool and enjoyable day!  Next month will be our last tournament for the 2017-2018 BRWTA Season.  The May tournament will be held on May 14th and will be a MEMBER/GUEST tournament, so please get some of your tennis friends and teammates introduced to our organization and signed up to play!  Our membership has really been down since the flood and we are looking for ideas and new ways to increase membership.  We will have comment cards at next month’s luncheon so that our members can give any feedback on how we can improve and grow!

Just a reminder that due to tax law changes and new requirements, BRWTA incurred expenses hiring a tax attorney and CPA to file for non-profit status on our behalf with the Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service.  These expenses as well as computer updates/expenses has depleted our small savings forcing us to increase our annual membership dues for next season.  Currently, annual membership is $21 and will remain at that rate for the end of this tournament season which ends in May.   Annual dues will increase on June 1, 2018 to $25.

You won’t want to miss the May tournament luncheon, as we will be honoring annual selected service award winner and introducing new board members for the 2018-2019 season.  We will also be giving a special “thank you” gift to all of you who were court captains during the 2017-2018 season.  We appreciate all of our court captains!!!

Here are our April winners:

3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain – Carol Moore

1st place – Carol Moore and Trish d’Aquin

2nd place – Damona Guillera and Gloria Murphy

3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain – Terre Powers

1st place – Elizabeth Delaney and Rhonda Searcy

2nd place – Lisa Thomas and Vicki Proffitt

3.5 Highland – Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st place – Julie Waguespack and Julie Purdy

2nd place – Ingrid Osuna and Patti Nelson

4.0 Highland – Court Captain – Jackie Westerfield

1st place – Mindy Lovell and Jackie Westerfield

2nd place – Amber Owens and Betsy Bernhard

50s/3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain – Terri Ducote

1st place – Rhonda Rayborn and Terri Ducote

2nd place – Susan Lafever and Wendy Elliott

50s/3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Nancy May

1st place – Nancy Kora and Diane Pirello

2nd place – Faye Aydell and Janice Casaday


See you next month,

Julie Waguespack, BRWTA President 2016-2018