Thanks to all of you for a great turnout for our MAY Tournament!  We have had a great 2016-2017 BRWTA Season and we appreciate all of you.  Thanks again to our 2016-2017 Court Captains!


3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain – Carole Wilkins

1st place – Paily Lightsey/Angela Hillman (sub)

2nd place – Carole Wilkins/Stephanie East

3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain – Tiffany Mannino

1st place – Alison Williams/Tiffany Mannino

2nd place – Kay Lambert/Mim Miglicco

3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Keri Gauldin

1st place – Brenda Felps/Cindy Keith

2nd place – Kyle Barker/Shawna Gardiner

3.5 Highland Center – Court Captain – Shannon LeDoux

1st place – Shannon LeDoux/Amber Owens

2nd place – Leanne Palma/Derrie Jackson

50’s/3.5 Highland Park – Court Captain – Nancy May

1st place – Audrey Braud/Mikki Robert

2nd place – Janice Casaday/Susan Galligan

7.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Julie Waguespack

1st place – Mindy Lovell/Charlotte Pugh

2nd place – Julie Waguespack/Renee Simoneaux

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners this month and CONGRATULATIONS to RUSTY JABOUR for being our 2017 recipient of our SERVICE AWARD!  THANKS to all of our COURT CAPTAINS this year, you make it all happen! 

I’d also like to thank our 2016-2017 Board Members, who have graciously agreed to stay on for the 2017-2018 season!  We appreciate all that you do for BRWTA and to make things run so smoothly!

Julie Waguespack, President

Mindy Lovell, VP

Diane McGowan, Secretary

Terri DuCote, Treasurer

Jackie Westerfield, Membership

Julie Purdy, Tournament Coordinator

Susan Barry, Publicity/Photographer

Rhonda Rayborn, Prize Coordinator

Debbie Schott, Past President