March 2018 Winners!

We are very thankful for a beautiful, but windy March fun tournament.  We appreciate all of you who played and attended the luncheon, and especially to our subs who filled in at the last minute so that we could fill all of our courts!  Please remember that if you register and must cancel, please try to find subs, especially if the courts and brackets have been assigned.  Members pay to play a minimum of three sets and a team cancellation causes people to have to sit and miss out on playing one of their sets.  We also have a no refund policy for cancellations.  We must pay for a minimum number of dinners no matter if we have that many or not, so your luncheon spot is counted when you register.  We realize that some cancellations are unavoidable, but it really helps if you can find a sub!

Due to tax law changes and new requirements, BRWTA incurred expenses hiring a tax attorney and CPA to file for non-profit status on our behalf with the Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service.  These expenses as well as computer updates/expenses has depleted our small savings forcing us to increase our annual membership dues for next season.  Currently, annual membership is $21 and will remain at that rate for the end of this tournament season which ends in May.    

Thanks again to all of our court captains!!!  Our next tournament is on Monday, April 9th, we hope to see all of you there!  

Here are our March winners:

3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain – Julie Purdy

1st place – Rhonda Rayborn and Rhonda Searcy

2nd place – Debbie Hymel and Paily Lightsey

3.0 Independence – Court Captain – Leslie Fernandez

1st place – Alison Williams and Alysia Graves

2nd place – Linda Williams and Lisa Sanner

3.5 Highland – Court Captain – Julie Waguespack

1st place – Kimberly Jones and Lisa Raiford

2nd place – Mary Kay Devillier and Carol Naquin

3.5 Independence – Court Captain – Nancy Garland

1st place – Audrey Braud and Nancy Garland

2nd place – Cathy Bass and Angela Angelloz

50s/3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain – Terri Ducote

1st place – Diane McGowan and Missy Ryan

2nd place – Barbara Chalmers and Judi Allen

50s/3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain – Carol Moore

1st place – Patti Nelson and Ingrid Osuna

2nd place – Wendy Elliott and Arlene Brignac

7.5 Highland – Court Captain – Amber Owens

1st place – Amber Owens and Betsy Bernhard

2nd place – Heidi Morton and Lissa Gaffney

See you next month,

Julie Waguespack, BRWTA President 2016-2018