DECEMBER 2016 WINNERS and a few reminders!

Very fun day on the courts today ladies and many of you out there in your festive holiday attire! There will be no January fun tournament. The next tournament date will be Monday, February 13, 2017!!

Tournament winners for December:
3.0 – Forest Park – court captain Terri DuCote
1st place – Debbie Schott & Crystal Welch
2nd place – Tiffany Mannino & Amber Owens

3.0 – Independence Park – court captain Terre Powers
1st place – Donna Ahmad & Kelly Bauder
2nd place – Tanza Brown & Kay Lambert

3.5 – Highland Park – court captain Julie Purdy
1st place – Kyle Barker & Keri Gauldin
2nd place – Julie Purdy & Shawna Gardiner

3.5 – Independence Park – court captain Carole Wilkins
1st place – Cindy Keith & Brenda Felps
2nd place – Susie Tully & Allison Sanchez

4.0 – Highland Park – court captain Mindy Lovell
1st place – Jackie Westerfield & Esther Davis
2nd place – Jessica Burgess & JoRonda Northcutt

50s 3.0 – Forest Park – court captain Diane McGowan
1st place – Diane McGowan & Vicki Proffitt
2nd place – Judi Allen & Eugenia Kozan

50s 3.5 – Highland Park – court captain Nancy May
1st place – Carol Naquin & Mary Kay Devillier
2nd place – Nancy May & Bonnie Russ

Please do not forget to update your rating if you have a rating change for upcoming 2017 season!! Big thank you for visiting and speaking to us today, Patty Rush Wilkinson, 2nd BRWTA Tennis President 1972-1973! Also, thank you to our US Marines representing our TOYS FOR TOTS drive this year! Your generosity helped fill over 3 barrels of toys!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in February!
2016-2017 BRWTA Board Members