Thanks for another great month ladies!  I don’t think we could have had more beautiful weather today!  We apologize for those of you who were caught up in the Forest Park delay this morning.  BREC is usually always on their game, so surely this won’t happen again.  We appreciate all of you welcoming Anne Matthews from Royal Standard/Crown Café and appreciate her generous door prizes.  Please support them soon!

3.0 Forest Park – Court Captain:  Debbie Schott

1st place – Tiffany Mannino & Michele Broome

2nd place – Lisa Raiford & Mindy Green

3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain:  Carole Wilkins

1st place – Lesley Halphen & Gerry Mackay

2nd place – Suzanne Payne & Carole Wilkins

3.5 Highland Park – Court Captain:  Julie Waguespack

1st place – Shawna Gardiner & Keri Gauldin

2nd place – Julie Purdy & Leslie Culotta

50s/3.0 Highland Park – Court Captain:  Terri Ducote

1st place – Terri Ducote & Susan Barry

2nd place – Diane McGowan & Missy Ryan

50s/3.5 Forest Park – Court Captain:  Brenda Felps

1st place – Brenda Felps & Mikki Robert

2nd place – Nancy Garland & Arlene Brignac

7.5 City Park – Court Captain:  Joycelyn LeBlanc

1st place – Joronda Northcutt & Debbie Gilbert

2nd place – Susie Tully & Allison Sanchez

Next month’s tournament will be MAY 8th and a MEMBER/GUEST tournament.  We will also give out our 2016-2017 Service award to someone in the community who works hard to promote tennis throughout the Baton Rouge area.  More information will be sent about what is needed for FAMILY ROAD OF GREATER BATON ROUGE barrels that will be placed at Oak Lodge for  donations!  See you MAY 8th!!