Club Policies


  • The number of members in Baton Rouge Women’s Tennis Association is unlimited.
  • Membership shall be open any time during the year. Effective 06/01/2018, membership is $25/year (365 days).
  • When a member dies, an appropriate donation will be made to a charity in that member’s name.


  • Any member in good standing is eligible to play in any club tournament.
  • Application for tournaments will not be accepted without the entry fee.
  • Entry into tournaments must be made online at
  • Court Captains must purchase balls for their site and will be reimbursed after the tournament at the luncheon.
  • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse entrance to any player.
  • Applications for tournaments will not be accepted by phone.
  • No entry fee refunds will be made.
  • At any BRWTA-sponsored tournament, the tournament site official has the right to disqualify any player for abusive behavior.
  • For any specific tournament, the Tournament Director(s) is the final authority on all decisions related to that tournament.


  • It is recommended that a member serve on the Board no more than three years in succession, with the exception of the president, unless approved by Board.
  • No person may commit the organization to any project without the authorization of the Board.
  • The Board shall have the responsibility for designating a coach/organization as recipient of used balls from the Fun Tournaments and BRWTA-sponsored tournaments.


  • The number of Member/Guest Fun Tournaments shall be limited to two (2) during each club year. The months to be designated as Member/Guest shall be left to the discretion of the Board.
  • A team must enter the division in which the higher rated player is rated.
  • In the event your partner cannot play in a fun tournament you are responsible for finding a replacement.  You may contact the Fun Tournament director(s) for available names if you are unable to find your own replacement.  BRWTA will not refund or carry over registration fees due to substitution or withdrawal.
  • If a team (the same two players) wins 1st or 2nd place twice at any given level of play, the team must move up to the next higher level if they choose to play together again during that club year (August – May), provided a higher level of play is offered.
  • Any individual player winning a 1st or 2nd place four (4) times in a club year (August 1 – May 31) must move up to the next level of play, provided that level of play is offered.
  • If a player wins 1st or 2nd place two (2) times on any level, she may not play on a lower level for the duration of that club year.


  • CPA will be hired to audit the Treasurer’s books in July of the year following completion of the Treasurer’s term of office. This contractor shall receive a minimal compensation from BRWTA for his or her services.
  • All bills that are incurred during the club year that require reimbursement must be submitted to the BRWTA Treasurer by May 31.
  • A $30.00 handling fee will be charged for any NSF check received by BRWTA.